Solemnity of the Mother of God - Old and New

Since today is a solemnity, we'll have two, yes two, videos. Both are in the indigenous languages of the New World.

The first is a recording by the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble (SAVAE), one of my particular favorites of Hanacpachap, an anonymous tune in Quechua from the 17th century.

The second comes from the recently-premiered Mass of the Americas by my wonderful composer  friend, Frank La Rocca. A setting of the Ave Maria in a Nahuatl translation for soprano soloist, marimba, violin, and organ, this is a gem that I hope moves into the concert repertoire. Arlyss Hayes is the soprano.

You'll find a translation of Hanacpachap below the two videos. And by the way - Happy New Year!

The bliss of Heaven,
I will worship you a thousandfold,
revered fruit of a mature tree,
long awaited by your people,
protection of spiritual strength,
heed my call.

To escape from the sins of the devil
help me with your strength,
so that I your child,
this orphan of yours,
will have existence and life everlasting.

Bring me fortune.
Increase my store of gold and silver,
being well provisioned,
There will be great food harvests
Defend me from famine.
Let me rest well here.
For my salvation.

May there be glory for the Lord
and for his Son likewise
and also for the Holy Ghost;
may there by glory for all eternity
for the life of all sustenance
may there be delight. Amen.


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