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Chant by Carthursian Nuns

Great visuals accompanying the chant from this Spanish monastery of Carthusian nuns. The music starts around 1:20, if you're impatient. The strict rule and hermetic life of the Carthusians makes the some of the other contemplative orders look like slackers. In some ways, it is reminiscent of the very limited cenobitic life of many monasteries on Mount Athos. One of the most interesting points about St. Bruno's order is that has never needed reform. Another is the privilege at the time of the Council of Trent that allowed them to retain their own rite because of the age of their order. (This was also true of Dominicans, Carmelites, and Franciscans, IIRC.)

Sacred Miscellany Reborn - A Cappella and Sacred Music

Sacred Miscellany Reborn Once upon a time, there was a blog called "Sacred Miscellany." I was the author and I loved it. And then one day, it was time for something new. And now it's time for something old and new. I have one great love - a cappella sacred music.  And that love demands to be shared! ALL a cappella sacred music. Byzantine, Latin, Southern, Georgian (the country), Corsican, Russian, etc.  Old and new. Anonymous and composed. Chant and polyphony. Just voices and just sacred. My own musical history includes Russian polyphony and Western Gergorian chant and polyphony. I've been a singer, a director, an arranger, and an occasional composer. My goal is similar to the old Sacred Miscellany: to capture, share, and comment on the wondrous variety of music out there through YouTube links, Sound Cloud, interviews, and links to fascinating places. I hope you'll join my for the journey! 

Everything A Cappella and Sacred - Cantique de Zacharie

This is my first post using Open Live Writer for this new Sacred Miscellany. And thus it is somewhat of a test. Here’s a bit of chant from France as a lovely test: You don’t have to wait until evening to listen to this recording of Song of Simeon sung by the Fraternites de Jerusalem!