Psaume 31 (30) from the Monastery of En Calcat

So nice and smooth - and with the unhurried quality I associate with monastic singing. Not dragging, but not sounding as though they're thinking of what they want to do next. This monastery was the birthplace of my two salterios. One went to a dear friend, the other to the Abbey of St. Meinrad.
Enjoy the abbey's website -

VOCES8 Nunc Dimittis by Paul Smith

Listen and enjoy! If you want to know more about the ensemble, its members, etc., go to Amazing singing.

Ffarwel i blwy' - A Welsh Farewell

This is a lovely trio, not sacred but beautiful. And it's accompanied by lovely photos of Wales. The singers are part of a band called Plentyn. And I could only find information on them in Welsh. It is a song of farewell. The singer is leaving for England to find work with harp and song.

Ave Generosa - Hildegard and Gjeilo

A wonderful setting of Hildegard's chant. The composer is my favorite of the moment, Ola Gjeilo, and the singers are Sjaella. It's rather long at 4 minutes and 36 seconds, but nothing by Hildegard is short. Entrancing listening as I'm having a second cup of coffee from my Hildegard of Bingen mug (jealous, aren't you?).

Learn more about this Leipzig-based ensemble from their website at
Of course, those beautiful voices are matched with good looks and youthful spirit.

For the scoop on Ola, go to

Lord, Give Me Just a Little More Time x2

I'm posting two versions of this wonderful Gospel song. The first is perfect for your college or church choir, nice and smooth with some hand clapping at the end.The second is the rough-edged version recorded in Alabama with Bernice Williams leading the singing and lots of heart. She was the daughter of Dewey Williams, leader of the Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers and a Heritage award winner.

VOCES8 Sings Byrd and Stephen Paulus

It's my opinion that you just can't go wrong with this ensemble. And for all you lovers of William Byrd's music, this is quite tasty. Since a two-for-one seems appropriate on the first day of summer, here's is a second video by VOCES8 of the well-known song by Stephen Paulus, "The Road Home." While this piece is very popular with collegiate choirs, its sentiment is perhaps more apt for those who have traveled further on life's path. Enjoy one or both! And welcome to summer.