Archival Shape-Note Recording of Hallelujah at Holly Springs

This is another great recording of real people singing real music. If you want to skip the shapes (the "fa sol la" syllables), start at 1:13.

Thy Resurrection, O Lord, the Angels in Heaven Sing

This chant begins with the clergy in the sanctuary at the opening of the Easter Matins. And is sung throughout the procession around the church.

And it's still Eastertide!

Easter Anthem by William Billings

This is an unusual pairing - William Billings' Easter Anthem with Russian icons. Nonetheless, the anthem is well-executed.

More Eastertide music to follow. And my apologies for the absence. Work, travel, and life - all sometimes interfere with the time online.

Back from Greece with Music from Mount Athos

After two weeks in Greece, I thought you deserved music from a place I'll never visit - Mount Athos.
Low and slow - and faintly reminding me of Tibetan chant.

Just let it wash around you and enjoy the graphics.

Higher on the Mountain - Church of Christ Singing

I needed something upbeat on a gloomy Sunday morning in Northeast Florida. Church of Christ uses no musical instruments in their worship. However, it seems to me that the excellent harmony makes up for it!

Cantate Domino - setting from Lithuania

You may have noticed my fondness for the International Baltic Sea choral competition. Why? I love the variety and the new composers (or at least new to me). Here’s another selection by a Lithuanian choir.  And one of my favorite texts.